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about us

San Diego Hoarding Cleanup was founded in association with Bio-One Inc. Bio1 is a biohazard remediation company founded almost 20 years ago by company President and CEO Nick-Anthony Zamucen. Mr. Zamucen started his company due to a need he saw when a friend requested his assistance in the cleanup of a tragic event involving a family relative. Upon assisting in this event, Mr. Zamucen realized that there were several other individuals who were in similar situations and upon finding themselves in those traumatic occurrences, they had nobody to turn to for help. Shortly after this event, Mr. Zamucen created his Bio-cleanup company and the rest as they say is history. Bio1 and San Diego Hoarding Cleanup have been the industry leader by adhering to one continuous business motto created by its President and Founder Mr. Zamucen, “People first, business second!” This is not just a catchy sales slogan, it’s our business model.

San Diego Hoarding Cleanup has become the leader in hoarding removal and remediation throughout Southern California. We have achieved this lofty status by maintaining our strict principles of adhering to our core company beliefs regarding a deep found respect for our clients and their situation, as well as a genuine desire to help them get their lives back on track, and a sincere appreciation for entrusting us to assist them in this effort. We understand that a hoarding matter is a deeply emotional and challenging time in the lives of all parties involved, and many times affects all aspects of a persons life. In many cases, the family members and loved ones of a hoarder often feel helpless and unable to cope with this situation, and do not know how or where to even begin to look for help. This is why people turn to San Diego Hoarding Cleanup to assist them in addressing these types of matters.